DJ Mix Pro

DJ Mix Pro 3.0

Analyzes the BPM and creates quality mixes
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Automatically performs cross-fading and beat-matching between the chosen songs. Uses embedded Beatlock Technology to find each track's BPM.

DJ Mix Pro is a great jukebox for Windows systems, which enables its users to perform music mixing without interruptions. It has independent music play for headphones, to stay in full control of the track mixing while music plays on the speakers making errors unnoticeable and be corrected easily.
The program has an intelligent mp3 playing system, since it is capable of doing cross fading and beat matching by itself while playing the mixes. It analyzes the tracks to be mixed, finding the BPM (beats-per-minute) matching both tracks perfectly without modifying the files itself.
Another feature that put this program in the spotlight is the fact that users can design mixes by choosing length and position to play from the tracks while being stored in a playlist as music is currently playing (no interruptions).
DJ Mix Pro is great for parties and mixing, however it is not an advanced mixer or audio console like other programs. There aren’t many effects, nor options but on the other side it does this automatically.
DJ Mix Pro’s interface is simple, no fancy designs; its window simplicity makes it easy to use for almost anyone. It has a database window, a mixing window and 2 track playing modules. Trial version is limited to 10 mixes.

Max Santillana
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  • Design Mixes while playing different audio
  • Independent music play for headphones
  • Automatic beat matching
  • Automatic effects
  • Mix position and length selection


  • Not able to change/add audio effects
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